Monday, November 15, 2010

Chitrakatha in The New Indian Express

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King Viswa said...

Congrats. Waiting for the D-Day. All the best.

Only on last Friday, Puthiya Thalaimurai, a Leading Tamil Magazine featured a similar article in Tamil about Tamil Comics with the Photo of yours Truly (The Photo is morphed in the scan, considering the fact that Children and weak hearted may see it online). However, it is available in the physical copy.

Here is the Link: Revival of Tamil Comics

pratheek said...

Hi Alok & Saumin

when is your film coming out and where can we catch it - in bangalore? as a new comic book publisher in India, we completely subscribe to your view point that "we need to have original content and not publish derivatives of stories from the West"... and hopefully, in the months to come, we will do that.

the first teaser to our debut publication Hush just came out last week:

indianist said...

how to watch Puthiya thalaimurai tv channel in mobile?