Friday, April 2, 2010

Nostalgia, ecstasy and a lot more...

Somebody very aptly said "Comic Books aren't child's play". It's been almost a year we have been living with a dream called Chitrakatha. I can't remember a single moment or a single chat when we haven't discussed Chitrakatha. But like all the projects, this one has a destiny of its own and we are just fulfilling its destiny.

Meeting the true superheroes who created this world to colour our otherwise monotonous childhood afternoons is an added bonus. And to see them smile at the mention of a certain story (or sometimes a certain panel) is an experience in itself.

Is it just a nostalgia? I beg to differ...because whenever we speak about the project, we see people getting ecstatic about those (now obscure and outdated) characters and comic magazines which fueled their imagination, help them escape from the mundane reality. Wasn't that a parallel life we all have enjoyed living until a few years back? Can we shrug it off just as sheer nostalgia?

Let's debate over it sometime.

Nevertheless, here's our 1st Podcast which was released on our Facebook Page last month, this is first in a series of a lot more podcasts we are planning to release in regular intervals as we keep working on Chitrakatha.